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    J.B. BAM Global Pro subscriber
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    S. Kim. May 19, 2014


If you would like to track this S&P 500 Buy/Sell Trigger tool via our membership site, we welcome you to become a FREE BAM Insider (if your BAMpredictor Mobile App is not providing readings that session)


icon-96-xhdpiNew BAMpredictor is the World’s First Mobile App that PREDICTS Intraday Price Movement in the S&P 500

A note from JG Savoldi, CEO of The BAM Report/BAMinvestor.com, and developer of the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model.

From the smallest retail investors, to the largest hedge fund managers in the world, everyone’s been told that predicting price direction (timing the market) is “impossible.”

But we have thousands of real-life examples of our model not only predicting price moves, but predicting actual intra-day price highs and lows (what we refer to as “zones of strength” and “zones of weakness”) to within 1-3 minutes of the actual turning point peaks and valleys.  And most of these predictions are generated by our model BEFORE THE OPENING BELL RINGS.

Now to be clear, our intraday model has nothing to do with reacting to news-flow, and it’s not a cycle model.  Our model is predictive and it’s based on our own unique methodology called “Behavioral Analysis of Markets.”  (read more on wikipedia)

Please take a moment to read the actual email string (below) from an institutional money manager.  His email messages were sent directly to JG Savoldi just days after the gentleman first joined our service.

He was understandably skeptical when he joined us, but if this isn’t a perfect illustration of the quirky nature of human emotion–and proof that our model really does work–we don’t know what is.

Subscriber’s email to JG Savoldi:


“It looks like we are experiencing a fast incline day after day not decline, pre market up another half percent?  How bad is it going to get?  When do I cut my losses and bury my head?  If the SP500 holds over the levels it’s indicating now technically we must have a move higher.  I always seem to be on the wrong side of the market when it moves fast.”


“Damn your intra day strength windows have a lot of validity.  I knew there were times the market got a little gasoline but wasn’t sure, why, when, or that they could be predicted to some degree.  Very interesting.”


“How the hell do you call these intraday zones, they are amazing.  I cannot believe this push that began almost at 645!?  WOW!  I never would have thought we could have a rally like this right after this news?  I’m amazed.”


“WOW… so the fade began around 8:10 just like you said, and has slowly continued.  Those price windows are amazing…”


—The Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model predicts the intraday “zones of strength” and “zones of weakness” for the S&P 500. It then generates data points into our admin panel.  (Although these are displayed as Pacific Standard Time, users may select their desired time zone.) 


—Our panel view then pushes the data out to the users’ mobile device where they can choose from two chart presentations—

…“Theme 1”


…or “Theme – 2”


–Here’s a chart of the actual trading activity that day, expressed in EST—


—As you can see, all but two zones tracked the model, with one zone of weakness only 3 minutes off a turning point low, one zone of weakness only 1 minute off the session low, and one zone of strength (12:12pst/3:12est) posting a precise hit on a high—down to the exact minute!

“I have never seen a model predict major swings in the market with such accuracy”

-Managing Partner, $6 Billion Hedge Fund (requested anonymity)

“I have known and worked with Jim Savoldi for many years, and what I find most impressive about his work is the uniqueness of his approach. His Behavioral Analysis Model seems to repeatedly predict unusual and surprising market moves – in many different markets, from orange juice, wheat, crude oil and stocks, to name a few. These forecasts often prove correct long before the main-stream economists and other macro market observers join in. Keep doing what you are doing.”

-Howard Winell, The Winell Report
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